domingo, marzo 09, 2008

Estudios de trabajo de varios artistas

Me encontré con esto también en Drawn!:

Guillotine has been trying to answer a simple though interesting question: where are our all-time favourite artists creating their art? Are they working in a 200m² studio in the heart of Manhattan? In their garden behind the skate-ramp? On the rooftop of their building in the suburbs of London, in a a garage generously lent by their parents, or in a kitchen between saucepans and unfinished meals?

Therefore, we asked our beloved artists, all coming from various fields such as graphic design, street art, photography, graffiti, toy design and much more, to take a few shots of their studio, with no guidelines, to show us their working environment, their universe!

After hundreds of e-mails sent and received since the beginning of this year, the time has come to finally launch the Project S2DIO. Everyday, from monday to friday, we will show you the working space of an artist, via his/her own pictures. From little details to masterpieces in progress, you won’t miss a thing!
(si tres personas me lo piden en los comentarios, lo traduzco)

Resumiendo: son fotos de los estudios de diversos artistas, entre los que estan Bigfoot One, Ron English, Shag, D'face y Gary Baseman.

Inspirador, diría yo...

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